Thursday, July 12, 2007


Was out for my dinner on a famous street,
Where you can easily source for pirated CD's
Nothin much to talk about the food,
'Cos all these while they have been so good.

Don't forget I mentioned about the CD's
The stalls are everywhere ain't hard to seek
But if you observe you'll see a pitiful scene
Many of them sellers are still young kids

Blonde hair, punk style flaunting out there,
When police comes that's when they feel the scare,
This is the main point which I want to share,
For many youngsters are still unaware

You know it's wrong,
Why play along?
Each time they come and you gotta run
But I see you still laughing why think it's fun?
It's a heartache for us as you're still young

I can sigh, but it's up to you to decide
You own your brain you can choose to walk on the safe side
If you think it's cool and if you think it's a pride
Don't come crying when everything collides!

I urge you all to come and discover the pattern
How the world evolves now it's not a type of fashion
When your kids start actin out you gotta find a reason
Don't wait till you gotta see them in a prison

Rock on!

This Is For ShoutOut and Shouters

I saw my friends using ShoutOut, so I followed their footsteps,
I didn't know that once you start shoutin you can't turn back!
Addiction is the best word for my situation,
Why stop when there's no perfect reason?
After all we're here for the sake of our nation,
"World peace" is all we need should I need any authentication?

Let me tell you why I'm addicted to ShoutOut,
You make new friends just by shoutin out loud,
You won't get sued 'cos your neighbors can't hear you shout
You earn traffics to your blog without any doubts
It's a one stone killin loads of birds do you get me now?

Kudos to Lasker and Elise for this oh-so-cool creation,
Hope it'll rise to the top in this blogging nation,
Gosh if it's so great then we'll face another huge confusion.
Why? 'Cos if it's too crowded we'll need another re-invention

Shouters are cool and you can't refuse,
Once we shout you better don't pull that fuse!
Though it could cause insomniac but what you gon' do?
We don't care about that time now ain't that true?

I'm still blogging at this time 'cos I was hangin in ShoutOut,
This is the time when the Shouters get wild
I was a human now I'm known as a ghost
Don't you think it sounds pretty just like the sexy red rose?
Hey name-callers I'mma put you in ma oven and you will feel the roast!

Recollecting myself...
ShoutOut still rocking and I'm still having my adrenaline pumpin,
'Cos I think I can't get enough of all the words keep comin,
I tried to control myself but I can't help but to keep on typin,
I guess after this post I better hit the sack and start wet dreamin,
otherwise I'll find myself sleepin in the coffin.

Touch wood...
I better bid ma farewell and hit the bed before it's too late.

Cheers to ma shouters and I hope y'all havin a good time, I love it! Do you?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Naughty Prank Caller

My ringing tone rang and I'm sprang from my bed,
It was a morning and I was still having this dream in my head.
I looked at my phone, there was a missed call,
Uh hate it when I gotta guess if he's a friend or foe.

So I sent a text message,
'Cos I changed my phone and lost all the contacts
The reply got me in rage,
And I found out that fella is a prank caller and
a horny wanker.

"Can make a friend? Ur gl or boy? Hw old r u?" He said,
"Hey I'm not playin this. Try someone else. Goodbye." I replied,
"U gv me gl hp la! I 1 hv bring hp 2 skul de!!! Plsif nt 2 nite i make you cant slep", He said.

Man ain't that a threat? I ain't takin that threat so screw that,
How could he be so desperate until like that,
I swear to God one more missed call and he's dead
Not really "dead" but make sure he won't be back.

If you wanna wank sorry I ain't working as a phone sex operator
Don't keep buggin around 'cos I'mma tell you "see you later"
If you wanna get to know more friends, then flip the papers
If you can't even get any friends then you must be a lamer
So fellas if you wanna be a horny wanker,
Sorry not on my number.

See ya!


This is a newbie from the block,
Exposing myself to a thing called 'blog',
They say I should blog 'cos I love to talk,
Maybe I gotta work hard to rise to the top.

Am I a rapper wannabe? No.
If you hate my style of rhyming, Just go!
Who made me talk like this? Don't know.
If you wanna getta know me. Hello!

I'm so broke I can't afford to make a CD
So just take it as I'm writing a lyric
Like I said I'm still new to this whole thing
So who wanna guide me till I can make some ka'ching?

Aight enough of all this freakish introduction
I'm not trying to gain attention
I'm not trying to be "blogger of the nation"
So buzz off if you want some altercation!

Say hello if you bump into this post! Rock on everybody!